Rent a Prop (beta version) provides innovative buying or rental of makes buying or rental of our props easy. 


How to rent?

To rent a item, browse through our shop and select the item you wish to rent, and:

  1. Browse Website
  2. Select Item; Add to Cart
  3. Go to Cart and Check out
  4. Key in Personal Contact Details
  5. Select Buy or Rent
  6. If Buy, Proceed to Next Step
  7. If Rent, Deposit will be added to Receipt
  8. Select Self Collection or Delivery
  9. If Self Collection, DF Address will be provided at receipt.
  10. If Delivery, Key in Delivery Details
  11. Key in E-Payment Information and Authenticate
  12. Receive Confirmation and Receipt
  13. Receive Terms and Condition for Purchase and Rent
  14. Receive Product from Courier
  15. Check Condition if it is a Purchase
  16. If Rent, Return Product to Courier
How to buy?

Simply select the items of your choice and Add to Cart.