DEZIGN FORMAT is a well-known and respected Turnkey Design & Build specialist in the industry. An integrated spatial-design practice, with more than 25 years of experience in:

Branding and Marketing Activities

Commercial and Retail Spaces

Large Scale Exhibitions and Events


We aim to be a Leading Top Player in the design and production industry both locally and globally. With our practice of total project management, we are able to provide our clients’ with premium services at the best value.


We work towards our vision by being the Leader in quality, cost and customer enthusiasm through the desire to be extraordinary, emphasis on the creation of value.


Themed Entertainment

Our passion is in themed presentation. By complementing our production capabilities with your ideas, we can co-create an engaging experience for the intended audience.From conceptualization, design, fabrication to setup, we are well equipped to cover all your needs.

We strive to create compelling places and experiences that are unique to you. We aim to engage your audience on the next level by bringing your ideas to life and making concepts a reality.We enjoy the challenges that are put forth by our partners. We will get the job done regardless of the complexity and scale.

Scope of Work

  • Exhibition
  • Gallery
  • Museum
  • Stage Production
  • Theme Parks
Branding Activities

We have built up a portfolio of reputable brands that we work with regularly.

Our expertise in large scale exhibitions and years of experience in the execution of branding and advertising campaigns makes us one of the leading providers in brand related activities.

Our experience allows us to provide value to our clients and co-create marketing campaigns that are above and beyond their expectations.

Scope of Work

  • Brand Launch/Showcase
  • Corporate Event
  • Industry Conference
  • Outdoor Advertisement
  • Product Launch/Showcase
Customer Touchpoints

The consumer and retail industry is no stranger to us.  Chances are, you have already viewed one of our work at the malls you frequent. We bring our client’s advertising and promotional campaigns to the retail stores and carry out seasonal projects for big retail brands.

We specialize in luxury showcases that require customization, fabrication and a high demand for quality and finishing.

Our attention to detail and our commitment to quality allows us to design, customize and build your customer facing platforms.

We ensure that our workmanship is top of the line because we understand the need for detail and accuracy in such projects.

Scope of Work

  • Concept Store
  • Customized Display Counter
  • Exhibition/Tradeshow Booth
  • Interactive/Experience Corner
  • Outdoor Event
  • Pop Up Store
    Retail Outlet
Commercial Interior

Interior work and design is one of our specialties.

The commercial environment brings about a new set of challenges for our clients due to the high level of usage and wear and tear.

We are aware of these challenges and ensure that our design are not only ergonomically friendly; but functional and visually stunning as well.

Scope of Work

  • Interior Design
  • Renovation
  • For Retail Outlet and Offices
Scenic Design / Décor

We are big in the festive decoration industry.

Having successfully worked with a majority of the malls in Singapore, we recognize the rigorous planning, designing and logistical requirements of setting up a project of this scale.

Many of our clients have expressed compliments on our professionalism, service and production quality when they see their concepts and ideas come to life.

All our in house sculptors and fabricators are highly trained and skilled in their craft; this enable us to accommodate to all your design specifications.

We handle and operate with a variety of tools and materials to suit the requirements for both temporary and permanent fixture.

Further, we provide a range of large scale printing solutions to suit your needs. From seasonal retail background updates to a full scale backdrop; we cover it all.

Scope of Work

  • Festive Decoration
  • Outdoor Décor
  • Permanent Artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Large Format Printing